Learning to work with AutoCAD - 2015/2016

The AutoCAD self-instruction program offers a set of illustrated texts. In this table, you can sort articles by category. We recommend starting the study from the simplest, from the interface of the AutoCAD program.
Mastering AutoCAD means fully automating the process of developing any projects and technical documentation, plus it allows you to save on the time of project manufacturing, and also to improve the accuracy of the project several times. Are you interested in AutoCAD for beginners? Then to you to us!

The Internet is crammed with a variety of different materials in the AutoCAD program. But there is one point, if the material is not arranged in a single structure, which is not clear, then even the basics of AutoCAD seem insanely difficult for a beginner, and not only.

Want to learn the basics of AutoCAD yourself? Then start the study with our free course. Knowing the basics of AutoCAD, sometimes it is necessary to improve some knowledge, in which matter. What can you talk about if you want to find information about AutoCAD for Dummies?

Some kind of solution always exists. AutoCAD - self-instruction manual for those who are not familiar with the program AutoCAD will give you the opportunity to begin acquaintance with the program, and soon you will create your own interesting projects. Not only a beginner, but an experienced person working with AutoCAD, will be able to find here for himself what will make it possible to accelerate his work in AutoCAD, improve efficiency.
Why are we so sure that this benefit will surely help you?

Information in the course is divided into topics, and to find any of the ones you need, so it will not be difficult.

2. The articles in the AutoCAD program are provided with graphical material, and everyone knows that learning in AutoCAD using the examples is much easier than reading the dry text.

3. The manual for AutoCAD is aimed at users who have different levels of ownership AutoCAD: from beginners to experienced masters of their craft.
4. This AutoCAD - self-instruction manual, the content of which is a clear algorithm of work in it! Which is very convenient for people who are just getting acquainted with the program.

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This manual on AutoCAD will provide an opportunity to learn the basics of AutoCAD - not only for free, but also quickly and efficiently! AutoCAD allowance with illustrations will give a real opportunity to effectively master AutoCAD. It's no secret that AutoCAD - the program is excellent Russified, and the tips that pop up and information about the various teams sometimes provides incomparable assistance in teaching AutoCAD.
The material in the self-instruction manual according to the AutoCAD program is proposed for studying in a rather complicated form and is provided with a significant number of terms. This presentation of the material in AutoCAD can simply discourage any desire to study this program.

Our tutorial offers a program to quickly learn AutoCAD, and learn the right set of techniques and techniques for effective work in AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2014/13 self-teacher will answer many questions that you have.

Here it is described where you can download the license AutoCAD, and most importantly free, recommendations for its installation and activation of the program. In addition, AutoCAD / 14 - self-tutorial includes a lot of material on the design of work in accordance with GOST, approved by the rules and their printed form. There is also a 3D theme, that is, three-dimensional modeling. This manual AutoCAD / 2014 will only benefit.

Our advice: do not pull! Start studying AutoCAD 2014 now. I wish you success! To date, AutoCAD / 2014, this is the most popular product that is used in almost all construction companies. AutoCAD / 2014 gives you the ability to create 2D and 3D models, to connect the software of other developers. We think, it is not necessary to list all the functionality of AutoCAD / 2014.
In addition to applying graphics to create objects that are quite complex in 2 spaces, AutoCAD has the ability to recreate 3D models using solid polygonal, surface 3D modeling. In some moments, Auto-CAD in the field of modeling is not inferior to special programs - CAD.

AutoCAD-2014 gives a wide possibility of using layers and annotative objects. The latest versions of AutoCAD allow you to link your drawing with real cartographic data and print the model on a 3-D printer. AutoCAD uses several file formats. The main ones are DWG and DWT.
AutoCAD / 2014 - software for designers and not only. This is one of the solutions for 2-and 3-dimensional design, which allows you to develop complex high-quality projects and at the same time give accompanying documentation to the drawings and projects.

AutoCAD allows the design of any objects and surfaces. The new version of AutoCAD / 2014 can already offer tools that are Internet-centric, which helps to create 3-dimensional projects that are impressive and quickly release working documentation to them. Work together in the cloud Autodesk - 360. There is also a good opportunity to access from mobile devices, not just from computers.


Drawing in AutoCAD - polylines

Polylines in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, a polyline is a universal line (a complex object).

Polylines in AutoCAD is a collection of lines (segments, arcs) that are perceived by the AutoCAD system as a single object.

The Polyline object in AutoCAD has several parameters that allow you to create complex objects in AutoCAD.

Drawing, creating objects in AutoCAD - tool Point

Point in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD in the role of basic and auxiliary construction objects, which can serve as reference nodes for object binding in AutoCAD, this object primitive is used - the Autocad Point. The second name of the points is the nodal points (reference points) of AutoCAD. A point in the AutoCAD can be printed, as well as other objects in the AutoCAD drawing. Basically, the point object is used as an auxiliary object for further constructions, like an auxiliary infinite straight line in AutoCAD and a ray. In AutoCAD, the point has a style, so you can set the style for displaying the point in AutoCAD. In turn, the style of the Autocad point is responsible for its appearance, so many people have the question: "How to put the point in the Autocad?" or "How to change the appearance of a point". In this lesson we will discuss these questions and offer a video course "Autocad for Beginners".

Drawing Objects in AutoCAD - Tool Hatching

Hatching in AutoCAD

Consider in this lesson, how in AutoCAD do the hatching ?. In the drawings quite often it is required in the AutoCAD to shade sections, sections, etc., so hatching in AutoCAD is often a tool used.

Hatching in AutoCAD is used only for closed areas, the open object is not shaded in AutoCAD. For the way to shade a closed area in AutoCAD, the graphic command is answered by the command "Barcode".

Where is the hatching in AutoCAD and how to apply the hatching in AutoCAD, we will talk further.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Line AutoCAD

AutoCAD line

Hello, in this article, we'll talk about building segments in AutoCAD. The section in AutoCAD is a separate object, therefore general properties defined by the layer, as well as individual properties (parameters) apply to it.

I dedicated the properties of objects to a whole section of the blog, I propose to read it here.

Creating, drawing objects in the AutoCAD - Polygon AutoCAD

Polygon AutoCAD

In Autocad there are several ways of constructing a polygon in a drawing and all of them boil down to the use of these or other tools:

  • tool Cut to AutoCAD;
  • the Polyline tool;
  • tool Polygon in AutoCAD.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCad - Ray AutoCAD

Ray AutoCAD

The ray object in AutoCAD is used quite rarely, but some of it is used for auxiliary constructions.

A ray in AutoCAD is an infinite straight line having a beginning, but not having an end. The ray is given by 2 points: the initial, the second.

Drawing in AutoCAD - Arrays AutoCAD

Array in AutoCAD

In this lesson, we'll look at how to work in AutoCAD with the Command Array. We have already studied many editing tools in AutoCAD. We will add to our knowledge collection and study another editing tool in AutoCAD - the tool Array.

Often during the creation of drawings in AutoCAD, you need to draw groups of identical objects located in space in a certain order. Just for this purpose the tool the Array in Autocad serves.

You can use the drawing tools in AutoCAD. Draw an object, and then copy it to a certain number of times. But there are situations when you want to place an object in a circle or along a path. In AutoCAD for this case, tools are used "Circular array in AutoCAD" and "Array along the path to AutoCAD."

Editing in AutoCAD - AutoCAD Fillet.

Fillet in AutoCAD

Lesson theme: "How to make fillet in AutoCAD".

For pairing in AutoCAD, the command Fillet answers, which is quite often encountered when creating projects. In this lesson we'll look at several of the command functions in AutoCAD Conjugation that allow you to build the correct mates in AutoCAD.

Editing in Autocad - Chamfer AutoCAD

Autocad "Chamfer"

The theme of the lesson is "Tool in Autocad Chamfer".

In this small lesson on AutoCAD, we'll talk about the team "Chamfer"

Command Chamfer in AutoCAD - "cutting off" the corner.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Mirror AutoCAD

How to mirror (mirror) the AutoCAD

The theme of the lesson will be "Team Mirror in AutoCAD, Mirroring Objects."

Quite often in the drawing, symmetrical elements of the drawing are dropped, which are easier to mirror in the AutoCAD rather than applying several AutoCAD editing commands. Many people ask themselves the question: "How to mirror (mirror) objects in AutoCAD?" - in this lesson I'll try to cover this issue in full volume.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Rotate in AutoCAD.

Rotate to AutoCAD

The theme of the lesson is AutoCAD: "Turning objects into AutoCAD."

The command Rotate in AutoCAD allows you to rotate objects in AutoCAD (text, table, graphic element).