Drawing in AutoCAD - polylines

Polylines in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, a polyline is a universal line (a complex object).

Polylines in AutoCAD is a collection of lines (segments, arcs) that are perceived by the AutoCAD system as a single object.

The Polyline object in AutoCAD has several parameters that allow you to create complex objects in AutoCAD.

Drawing, creating objects in AutoCAD - tool Point

Point in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD in the role of basic and auxiliary construction objects, which can serve as reference nodes for object binding in AutoCAD, this object primitive is used - the Autocad Point. The second name of the points is the nodal points (reference points) of AutoCAD. A point in the AutoCAD can be printed, as well as other objects in the AutoCAD drawing. Basically, the point object is used as an auxiliary object for further constructions, like an auxiliary infinite straight line in AutoCAD and a ray. In AutoCAD, the point has a style, so you can set the style for displaying the point in AutoCAD. In turn, the style of the Autocad point is responsible for its appearance, so many people have the question: "How to put the point in the Autocad?" or "How to change the appearance of a point". In this lesson we will discuss these questions and offer a video course "Autocad for Beginners".

Drawing Objects in AutoCAD - Tool Hatching

Hatching in AutoCAD

Consider in this lesson, how in AutoCAD do the hatching ?. In the drawings quite often it is required in the AutoCAD to shade sections, sections, etc., so hatching in AutoCAD is often a tool used.

Hatching in AutoCAD is used only for closed areas, the open object is not shaded in AutoCAD. For the way to shade a closed area in AutoCAD, the graphic command is answered by the command "Barcode".

Where is the hatching in AutoCAD and how to apply the hatching in AutoCAD, we will talk further.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Line AutoCAD

AutoCAD line

Hello, in this article, we'll talk about building segments in AutoCAD. The section in AutoCAD is a separate object, therefore general properties defined by the layer, as well as individual properties (parameters) apply to it.

I dedicated the properties of objects to a whole section of the blog, I propose to read it here.

Creating, drawing objects in the AutoCAD - Polygon AutoCAD

Polygon AutoCAD

In Autocad there are several ways of constructing a polygon in a drawing and all of them boil down to the use of these or other tools:

  • tool Cut to AutoCAD;
  • the Polyline tool;
  • tool Polygon in AutoCAD.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCad - Ray AutoCAD

Ray AutoCAD

The ray object in AutoCAD is used quite rarely, but some of it is used for auxiliary constructions.

A ray in AutoCAD is an infinite straight line having a beginning, but not having an end. The ray is given by 2 points: the initial, the second.