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Hello, in this article, we'll talk about building segments in AutoCAD. The section in AutoCAD is a separate object, therefore general properties defined by the layer, as well as individual properties (parameters) apply to it.

I dedicated the properties of objects to a whole section of the blog, I propose to read it here.

A cut in the drawing AutoCAD often occurs, because The Cut tool allows you to draw the "lion's share" of the drawing in a two-dimensional design. In the 3D design of AutoCAD, polyline objects predominate, since polylines are easier to modify in 3D bodies, surfaces.

After installing the AutoCAD and first launching it, respectively, and opening the drawing - the Cut tool was the first tool I learned while learning AutoCAD.

Command Line in AutoCAD

Any command is responsible for creating objects in the AutoCAD. You should understand that clicking on a button, you activate a command or system variable in AutoCAD. The Creation of the Line object is answered by the command Line to AutoCAD.

Ways to call the Line command

You can call the Line in AutoCAD command in the following ways:

  1. The menu bar is Drawing - Line.
  2. The Main tab of the tool ribbon - the Draw toolbar - the Line button.
  3. The Floating Drawing toolbar is the Line button.
  4. Write the name of the command in the command line.

Building, creating a segment in AutoCAD

Launch the Line command, and then click the first point of the AutoCAD section to click on the free space in the drawing. As soon as you specify the first point of the segment, a sketch of the segment appears, which will drag after the cursor moves. AutoCAD will issue a request:

Next point:

That is, it is required to specify the coordinates of the second point of the segment. Click the mouse to select the second point of the segment.

A cut to AutoCAD was created, but the Line command did not complete its execution, because it is cyclic. You can end the cyclic Line command by pressing Enter again, or abort the execution of the command by pressing the ESC key.

A broken line from segments

After building the first stretch in the AutoCAD, you can not end, interrupt the Line command, and continue building the segments. In this case, the second segment will take the origin at the second point of the first segment, so you only need to specify the coordinates of the second point of the second segment, etc.

Thus creating segments in the AutoCAD, you get a broken line from the segments.

Caution: Each segment of a polyline is a separate object.

Options Close and Undo when creating a segment in AutoCAD

During the creation of a segment, you can use two options of the command Line: Undo, Close.

Option Closed Commands allows you to shortcut the last entered point of the segment with the first point of the first segment - applicable to broken lines from segments in AutoCAD.

Option Cancel Commands allows you to cancel the entry of the last point of the segment in the AutoCAD.

Select the Close and Cancel options in the following ways:

  • using dynamic input;
  • entering an option name in the command line;
  • from the context menu of the command Line;
  • using hyperlinks of command options in the command line.

Video "Construction of a segment, a ray, a straight line in Autocad (Russian)"

P.S. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the full free manual on AutoCAD.


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