Ray in AutoCAD

Ray AutoCAD

The ray object in AutoCAD is used quite rarely, but some of it is used for auxiliary constructions.

A ray in AutoCAD is an infinite straight line having a beginning, but not having an end. The ray is given by 2 points: the initial, the second.

Command Ray in AutoCAD

The Ray Team in AutoCAD is a cyclic command and is used to plot beams in AutoCAD.

Methods for calling the Ray Team in the AutoCAD

You can call the Ray into AutoCAD in several ways:

  1. From the menu bar, the item Drawing - string Ray;
  2. Tab Home tapes toolbar - Drawing toolbar - Button Ray;
  3. Floating toolbar Drawing - button Ray;
  4. write the name of the command in the command line Luch.

Building an auxiliary ray in AutoCAD

To build a ray in AutoCAD, we call the ray command from the Drawing toolbar.

Next, we specify the starting point of the ray by clicking the mouse.

Caution: The starting point of the ray is the common point of the beginning of the rays of the AutoCad, built by one cyclic Ray command.

In response to the query command line:

Through the point:

Specify the second point of the ray (see above - the ray in the Autocad is set by two points).

To complete the beam creation in AutoCAD, press Enter or ESC again.

To continue building rays originating from a single starting point, simply specify the second points of the rays, in response to the query:

Through the point:

Video lesson "Drawing rays, straight lines in AutoCAD (Russian)"

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