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In AutoCAD in the role of basic and auxiliary construction objects, which can serve as reference nodes for object binding in AutoCAD, this object primitive is used - the Autocad Point. The second name of the points is the nodal points (reference points) of AutoCAD. A point in the AutoCAD can be printed, as well as other objects in the AutoCAD drawing. Basically, the point object is used as an auxiliary object for further constructions, like an auxiliary infinite straight line in AutoCAD and a ray. In AutoCAD, the point has a style, so you can set the style for displaying the point in AutoCAD. In turn, the style of the Autocad point is responsible for its appearance, so many people have the question: "How to put the point in the Autocad?" or "How to change the appearance of a point". In this lesson we will discuss these questions and offer a video course "Autocad for Beginners".

How to make a point in AutoCAD or how to put a point

The point in AutoCAD is the simplest primitive object, so to put it on the drawing, it's enough to specify the coordinates of the point in AutoCAD. For the way to put a point in the Autocad answers the command Point. For the appearance of the point, the parameters of the Point in AutoCAD, namely the AutoCAD point style, are responsible.

How to draw a point in AutoCAD by running the following algorithm:

Run the command Point to AutoCAD from the tool belt, Home tab, Draw toolbar, Multiple points button.

The command line displays the values ​​of the variables PDMODE = 0 and PDSIZE = 0.

The system variable PDMODE in AutoCAD in the value 0 indicates the form of AutoCAD points by default.

The system variable PDSIZE in AutoCAD in the value 0 indicates the size of AutoCAD points equal to one pixel on the screen.

Next, to put a point in the AutoCAD on the drawing. just point the coordinates of the point (graphical way of entering coordinates in AutoCAD) or specify the coordinates (X, Y) on the command line. To end the AutoCAD command in the Waypoint command, press Enter.

Object snapping A node in the AutoCAD allows you to be attached to the anchor points (nodes) of the AutoCAD when building objects.

Thus, the point in the AutoCAD is determined by three parameters: the coordinates of the insertion, the size of the point in the AutoCAD and its style (point type).

Point Style in AutoCAD

We have already sorted out how to put an end to the AutoCad. Now let's see how to change the appearance of the AutoCAD point.

For the appearance of the point in the AutoCAD, the "Point Display" dialog box is displayed, which can be called up from the toolbar by the Home tab, the Utilities toolbar, the Show points button.

The display of points in AutoCAD is possible by twenty options. To display points in the AutoCAD, select any suitable point style (marker).

The "Point to AutoCAD" dialog box prompts you to set the point size. The point size in AutoCAD can be set in two modes:

  • relative to the screen;
  • in absolute units.

By default, the AutoCad point size is set in relation to the screen at 5% of the screen expansion size.

In AutoCAD, the point size in absolute units specifies the absolute (exact) value of the point size. To change the point size in AutoCAD, set the switch in absolute units. Then enter the absolute size of the point in the required field.

After setting the desired parameters of the point in the AutoCAD and closing the "Point Display" dialog box in the AutoCAD, all points in the drawing are redrawn according to the point settings.

Suppose we need to build a segment between two nodal points in AutoCAD. Call the Line command in the AutoCad. Snap with the object snap to the first anchor point, click. Then attach to the second node of the AutoCAD and click the coordinates of the second point of the segment. Complete the Line command in the AutoCAD by pressing the Enter key.

We have figured out how to make a point in AutoCAD. How to learn how to work in AutoCAD yourself, just go through a free self-tutorial AutoCAD.

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