Autocad Polyline

Polylines in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, a polyline is a universal line (a complex object).

Polylines in AutoCAD is a collection of lines (segments, arcs) that are perceived by the AutoCAD system as a single object.

The Polyline object in AutoCAD has several parameters that allow you to create complex objects in AutoCAD.

In this lesson, consider what a polylines are in AutoCAD and how to create a polyline. Also I suggest to pass training Autocad on the basis of video lessons and the self-instruction manual.

In Autocad polylines, the team Polylinia (Pliny). Parameters and configuration of polylines in AutoCAD

The principle of constructing a polyline in AutoCAD is the same as constructing segments and arcs, but thanks to the parameters that can be set when constructing a polyline, its possibilities increase dramatically.

Consider the question, how to draw a polyline in AutoCAD? For how to draw a polyline in AutoCAD, the Polyline team answers. You can start the Polyline command in the AutoCad from the toolbar, the Home tab, on the Drawing toolbar, the Polyline button. Write the name of the Polyline command in the command line.

In AutoCAD, a polyline consists of linear, arc segments.

The most common polylines in AutoCAD are linear, arc. Accordingly, for the construction of linear and arc segments of the Autocad polylines.

  1. Arc: - to create arc segments of the polyline. The principle of constructing arc segments of a polyline in Autocad is the same as in the construction of arcs.
  2. Linear: - to create linear segments of polylines in AutoCAD.
  3. Width: - to set the initial and final width for each segment in the AutoCAD polyline.

For example, using the Width command in the Polyline command, you can make an arrow in the AutoCAD.

Polylines in AutoCAD have a large set of parameters, which you can learn about from the AutoCAD help (F1 key).

Where do AutoLoad Polylines apply?

The Polyline tool is very often used in 3D modeling of AutoCAD. For example, to create 3D bodies in AutoCAD from flat objects. They must be closed and whole.

Quite often a polyline in AutoCAD is used as a trajectory when creating complex 3D bodies, surfaces.

Polylines can cut the picture in AutoCAD and crop the viewport.

Tip: Sometimes it is required in AutoCAD to split a polyline into its constituent segments, in this case use the Edit To AutoCAD edit command.

Tool in Autocad Polyline in many cases is an indispensable tool, possessing extensive properties, parameters.

In this lesson, we looked at the polyline in AutoCAD, and learned how to create a polyline. We studied the main parameters of polylines Autocad: arc, linear, width.

Video "Polylines in Autocad"

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