Drawing in AutoCAD - Arrays AutoCAD

Array in AutoCAD

In this lesson, we'll look at how to work in AutoCAD with the Command Array. We have already studied many editing tools in AutoCAD. We will add to our knowledge collection and study another editing tool in AutoCAD - the tool Array.

Often during the creation of drawings in AutoCAD, you need to draw groups of identical objects located in space in a certain order. Just for this purpose the tool the Array in Autocad serves.

You can use the drawing tools in AutoCAD. Draw an object, and then copy it to a certain number of times. But there are situations when you want to place an object in a circle or along a path. In AutoCAD for this case, tools are used "Circular array in AutoCAD" and "Array along the path to AutoCAD."

Editing in AutoCAD - AutoCAD Fillet.

Fillet in AutoCAD

Lesson theme: "How to make fillet in AutoCAD".

For pairing in AutoCAD, the command Fillet answers, which is quite often encountered when creating projects. In this lesson we'll look at several of the command functions in AutoCAD Conjugation that allow you to build the correct mates in AutoCAD.

Editing in Autocad - Chamfer AutoCAD

Autocad "Chamfer"

The theme of the lesson is "Tool in Autocad Chamfer".

In this small lesson on AutoCAD, we'll talk about the team "Chamfer"

Command Chamfer in AutoCAD - "cutting off" the corner.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Mirror AutoCAD

How to mirror (mirror) the AutoCAD

The theme of the lesson will be "Team Mirror in AutoCAD, Mirroring Objects."

Quite often in the drawing, symmetrical elements of the drawing are dropped, which are easier to mirror in the AutoCAD rather than applying several AutoCAD editing commands. Many people ask themselves the question: "How to mirror (mirror) objects in AutoCAD?" - in this lesson I'll try to cover this issue in full volume.

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Rotate in AutoCAD.

Rotate to AutoCAD

The theme of the lesson is AutoCAD: "Turning objects into AutoCAD."

The command Rotate in AutoCAD allows you to rotate objects in AutoCAD (text, table, graphic element).

Creating, drawing objects in AutoCAD - Coordinates in AutoCAD.

Coordinates in AutoCAD