Coordinates in AutoCAD.

Coordinates in AutoCAD

In most cases, the coordinates are set to AutoCAD by clicking with the mouse using the bindings. Many users do not even suspect that there are different ways to specify coordinates in AutoCAD. My video lessons Autocad for "dummies" will help you to master this topic in detail.

Varieties of coordinates in AutoCAD, how to specify coordinates in AutoCAD?

In Autocad there are two coordinate systems (reference frame Autocad) - Cartesian and polar coordinate systems Autocad. Points in the Cartesian coordinate system (reference) are defined / specified by two coordinates X, Y, which are entered into the command line separated by commas. Sample of the Cartesian coordinates recording Autocad (50, 80).

Let's analyze the relative and absolute coordinates in AutoCAD.

Absolute coordinates in AutoCAD are measured from the origin, in the coordinate (0,0).

The relative coordinates in AutoCAD are counted from the last specified AutoCAD coordinate. To enter relative coordinates in the AutoCAD use the @ sign on the command line.

Let's perform a small exercise to fix the coordinate input in AutoCAD.

Call the Line command and enter the coordinates in the AutoCAD as shown in the figure.

Warning: Dynamic input to the AutoCAD is disabled.

The first point of the segment with coordinates (20, 30) is given by absolute coordinates. The second point of the segment with coordinates (@ 40,60) is given by relative Cartesian coordinates in AutoCAD, relative to the coordinates of the first point of the segment.

Polar coordinates in AutoCAD are set by two parameters: length, angle.

Building on coordinates in AutoCAD, entering coordinates in AutoCAD

Input (setting) coordinates in the AutoCAD is performed in the command line or in the dynamic input fields.

We will perform a small exercise.

We will construct a segment in AutoCad with a length of 120 mm at an angle of 310. We will construct the coordinates in AutoCAD using dynamic input.

Caution: By default, the angle reading in the AutoCAD is counterclockwise from the horizontal straight line to the right (positively directed to the X axis).

  1. Specify the length of the segment 120 mm.
  2. Press the Tab key.
  3. Enter the value of the angle 310, press Enter.

The form of writing through the command line is 120 <310.

When you enter Cartesian coordinates in AutoCAD through dynamic input, the first point is created by default with absolute coordinates AutoCAD, the subsequent relative (determined by AutoCAD settings).

If you still need to enter absolute coordinates through dynamic input, use the # sign.

In this lesson we have analyzed what is the coordinate system in AutoCAD, how to specify coordinates in AutoCAD. Courses and reviews Autocad for beginners.

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