Rotate in AutoCAD.

Rotate to AutoCAD

The theme of the lesson is AutoCAD: "Turning objects into AutoCAD."

The command Rotate in AutoCAD allows you to rotate objects in AutoCAD (text, table, graphic element).

The principle of the team's work Turn to the AutoCAD is carried out by a certain algorithm. You do not need to remember this algorithm for turning objects into AutoCAD using this command, but to monitor the command line prompts.

  1. Run the command Rotate to AutoCAD.
  2. Select the object that you want to rotate.
  3. Specify the base point (ie the point at which the AutoCAD object will rotate).
  4. Specify the rotation angle or select one of the options Rotate (Copy, Reference Angle).

We have considered the question "How to rotate an object in the AutoCAD", however, when you want to specify the angle of rotation of the AutoCAD, there can be one nuance.

How to turn into AutoCAD by a certain angle

After considering the rotation algorithm in the AutoCAD object using the command Rotate, you must specify the rotation angle. The rotation angle in the AutoCAD can be set graphically (interactively), i.e. Using AutoCAD bindings and polar tracking. The exact value of the angle can be entered on the command line.

The Command Angle option of the Rotate command in the AutoCAD allows you to rotate objects in the AutoCAD relative to the specified angle, and not from the horizontal straight line pointing to the right. This allows you to specify a new angle from the already set AutoCAD angle. The range of the angle is 0-360 degrees.

AutoCAD There is another great way to make a turn in AutoCAD with the help of pens. This way of turning objects is considered in the article "Moving, turning objects in AutoCAD using pens."

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