Mirror command in AutoCAD

How to mirror (mirror) the AutoCAD

The theme of the lesson will be "Team Mirror in AutoCAD, Mirroring Objects."

Quite often in the drawing, symmetrical elements of the drawing are dropped, which are easier to mirror in the AutoCAD rather than applying several AutoCAD editing commands. Many people ask themselves the question: "How to mirror (mirror) objects in AutoCAD?" - in this lesson I'll try to cover this issue in full volume.

The Mirror Team in AutoCAD

The Mirror command in AutoCAD allows you to obtain mirror images of objects or simply mirror objects in AutoCAD by mirroring objects relative to the reflection axis.

You can find and run the Mirror command in AutoCAD for mirroring objects: from the toolbar in the Home tab - in the Edit command group - the Mirror button in the AutoCAD (two triangles separated by a vertical line).

Launch the Mirror command. Now select the object in AutoCAD for mirroring. Next, specify the axis of reflection (symmetry) in AutoCAD with respect to which we will mirror the object. You can specify the axis of symmetry in the AutoCAD by specifying two points similar to a segment in AutoCAD.

Once you specify the reflection axis in the AutoCAD, you will be prompted to delete the original objects or save them. If you select the Yes option of the Mirror command in AutoCAD, we will receive only mirror objects in the AutoCAD, and the source code will be deleted - otherwise, mirror copies of the source objects.

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