How to make a bevel in the AutoCAD or the Chamfer team.

Autocad "Chamfer"

The theme of the lesson is "Tool in Autocad Chamfer".

In this small lesson on AutoCAD, we'll talk about the team "Chamfer"

Command Chamfer in AutoCAD - "cutting off" the corner.

What is the chamfer in the Autocad, take a look at the picture.

Command Chamfer in AutoCAD

Finding the Chamfer in AutoCAD:

Main Ribbon tab, Edit toolbar, Chamfer button.

Options (parameters) of the team AutoCad "Chamfer"

After running the command AutoCAD Chamfer, it will display a large number of options (functions), which change when you select one or another command option. We will not consider each option of the Chamfer team separately; it's not rational - you can always refer to the AutoCAD spam. To open help on the Chamfer command in the AutoCAD, it's enough to start it and press the F1 key. It would be more rational to study a couple of algorithms for executing the AutoChad Chamfer command.

Cutting an angle into AutoCAD can be done in two ways.

The first way is by specifying the distances of the first, second segments (see the picture "Chamfer in AutoCAD or examples of AutoCAD facets" example 1. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Run the "Chamfer" command.
  2. Select the "Length" command option.
  3. Specify a numerical value for the length of the first segment and press Enter.
  4. Specify a numerical value for the length of the second segment and press Enter.
  5. Select the first line, enter.
  6. Select the second line, enter.

Caution During the execution of the "Chamfer" command, the main thing is to follow the order of selecting the segments themselves. the result of cutting corners of objects in AutoCAD will depend on which segment you select first and which one - the second one. (see the figure).

The second way is to execute the Chamfer command in AutoCAD by entering the angle and distance. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Start the Chamfer command.
  2. Select Angle, press Enter.
  3. Set the 1st chamfer length, Enter key.
  4. Enter the angle, Enter.
  5. Select the first line, enter.
  6. Select the second line, enter.

The option "Cropping" is responsible for cutting the corner of the object (group of objects) into AutoCAD. If you set the "No trimming" option, a section will appear in the drawing that indicates the chamfer, and the cut of the corner in AutoCAD will not be performed.

Why does not the chamfer be performed in AutoCAD?

Sometimes the Chamfer's command in the AutoCAD is not performed, some of the conditions may be due to this:

  • The value of the segment in AutoCAD is greater than the side of the corner of the object that you want to "cut".
  • The Chamque command can and does, but you just do not see it. Just bring the angle of the corner into AutoCAD by rotating the mouse wheel (resize it).

In this lesson you learned how to make a facet in the AutoCAD.

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