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Fillet in AutoCAD

Lesson theme: "How to make fillet in AutoCAD".

For pairing in AutoCAD, the command Fillet answers, which is quite often encountered when creating projects. In this lesson we'll look at several of the command functions in AutoCAD Conjugation that allow you to build the correct mates in AutoCAD.

How is conjugation performed, rounding corners in AutoCAD?

The figure shows the conjugation of objects (elements) in AutoCAD.

Command Pairing in AutoCAD - rounding corners and pairing objects.

Finding the team Pairing in the AutoCAD:

  1. The menu bar item Edit - string Pairing.
  2. The Main tab of the tool ribbon - the Tools group Edit - the Mate button.
  3. Classic Floating toolbar Edit - Pair button.

The properties of the two teams Pairing, Chamfer in AutoCAD are similar, so if you have not already studied the Chamfer team in AutoCAD, I advise you to look at this article.

Algorithm for executing the command in AutoCAD Conjugation:

Call the Pairing command in AutoCad in any convenient way for you. A prompt appears at the command prompt:

Select the first object:

Select the first circle in AutoCAD, press Enter. The auto-cache issues the following query:

Select the second object or press the Shift key when selecting to create an angle, or [Radius]:

Let's select the second circle in AutoCAD, press Enter.

In this case, the rounding of objects in the AutoCAD will not happen. The reason is that the radius of pairing in AutoCAD is zero by default (0).

The correct algorithm for executing the command Pairing in the AutoCAD

  • Start the AutoCAD command Mating.
  • Select the Radius option of the Pair to AutoCAD command.
  • Enter the value of the conjugation radius not equal to zero.
  • Select the first object, press the Enter key.
  • Select the second object, press Enter.

Attention: The corner rounding in AutoCAD can not be executed if the radius of the interface exceeds the size of the AutoCAD rounded objects.

The Pairing to AutoCAD command can automatically perform conjugation of circles without additional constructions.

We disassembled with you the topic of AutoCAD, how to make pairing in AutoCAD. You can get free training AutoCAD in the framework of "Autocad for Dummies" - a study guide for beginners and not only.

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